What Happens When You Stop Using Fillers on Your Face?

The advantages of Botox and fillers will vanish and you will observe that those lines and volume loss will return. However, if you resume your injectable treatments, your face will be soft again or look more youthful. When fillers are overused, minimally invasive procedures that previously worked stop producing results. As a result, patients may begin to see coarse wrinkles in the form of laugh lines, puppet lines and other wrinkles around the face.

Surgeons can tighten certain areas of the skin with a facelift to improve the appearance and look of the skin. There is nothing harmful about ceasing Botox. There are also no dangerous or negative side effects. Your muscles just won't be so relaxed.

You will have full mobility of the treated area, regardless of how long you have received Botox injections. The dermal fillers mentioned above are not permanent and break down on the skin over time. And since you have become accustomed to smoother skin, the reappearance of initial wrinkles may seem to have worsened. But in fact, dermal fillers cannot worsen wrinkles in any way.

One risk is that fillers purchased online may contain a variety of non-sterile substances, such as hair gel. When injected, these substances can cause allergic reactions, infections, and the death of skin cells. Another risk is that an improper injection technique can lead not only to swelling and lumping, but also to more serious side effects, such as death of skin cells and embolism leading to blindness. The FDA has issued an official warning urging consumers never to buy dermal fillers on the Internet.

They can be false, contaminated or harmful. Dermal filler procedures can be costly, which has led some consumers to turn to the online black market to buy DIY fillers. Excessive use of dermal fillers can lead to filler fatigue, causing the skin to stretch and clump, forming skin folds. Due to the low maintenance factor of most fillers on the market, some of the worst fears people have about long-term use of the filler are unfounded. Recently we have heard horror stories; inexperienced practitioners using unregulated fillers that cause frostbite of the face, numbness, blindness (globally, about 50 cases of blindness have been reported after an aesthetic facial injection) and even death. This filler is different from other fillers because its results are gradual; volumizing occurs over several months, as it stimulates the body to produce collagen. In addition to skin tightening, excessive use of fillers can lead to longer-term damage, including lip wrinkles and altered attachment of facial fat pads and some degree of skin irregularity and aging, she explains.

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