Skin Savvy USA: Conceals Skin Aging Through Facial Fillers

Texas is one of the states in America where there’s a huge number of people seeking aesthetic procedures. Skin Savvy USA is one of the medical spas located in West Lake Hills, and it has been serving clients in West Lake Hills and nearby areas since 2016. Chrissy Gray Lim, PA leads the Skin Savvy USA team. She has been in this industry for many years now and armed with her experience, skills, and expertise, she makes sure that clients get the best of what the med spa offers. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal. A team of specialists in aesthetic medicine looks after the welfare of the client from the moment they step into the clinic up to the time they step out of the clinic. Follow-ups are done to ensure the efficacy of treatment and the comfort and safety of patients.

Facial fillers – The Role It Plays In Achieving Younger-Looking Skin

As we become older, the skin gradually shows signs of aging, which is usually a result of the loss of collagen and elastin. thus, the reason why you start to notice the appearance of sagging skin and hollow cheeks. not to mention, fine lines and wrinkles appear too. lost volume can be restored through the help of facial fillers. It is a natural and non-invasive way of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing the contours of the face. facial fillers address issues like thin lips, sunken cheeks, crow’s feet, weak chin, frown lines, Marionette and smile lines, and asymmetrical features. The results of facial fillers are instant and can last for months to years depending on the type of filler used and the injection site.

How to know which facial filler to use?

The choice of the type of filler depends on your skin condition as per the assessment of the aesthetician. However, keep in mind that multiple filler types can be necessary to achieve natural-looking results. There are numerous filler brands to choose and each brand works differently and can be used in particular areas of the face. Some of the commonly used filler brands are Restylane and Juvederm. The aesthetician will discuss with you the available filler brands and the benefits they offer.

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