Are You Experiencing an Infection from Your Filler?

If you've recently had a dermal filler injection, it's important to be aware of the signs of infection. The main diagnostic symptoms of infection are erythema, warmth, tenderness, pain, swelling (usually at or near the injection site), local signs of abscess (pustules, nodules, areas of fluctuation, crusts) and systemic fever. If you notice any of these symptoms, it's important to consult your doctor to take microbiological swabs to confirm the presence or absence of any bacteria. The incidence of complications with hyaluronic dermal fillers has been incredibly low.

However, newer fillers have been introduced that have a higher risk profile. Every time a needle enters the body, there is a small risk of infection despite proper aseptic technique. In the rare occurrence of an infection, it is usually a superficial type cellulitis that affects the soft tissues and skin near the injection site. These are fairly easy to treat with an oral antibiotic.

Abscess formation and spread of infection may occur, but they are much less frequent. Infected skin biofilm may also appear. If you think you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to your filling or you think the fillers have failed, immediately consult a medically qualified professional and they will decide on the correct treatment. It is difficult to exclude a low-grade infection, you may need to be prepared to spin and dissolve your current filler and take your antibiotics. You can search for medically qualified lip filler aesthetics professionals near you right here, and you can also search by “lip filler dissolution”.

Sometimes it is due to an incorrectly placed filler, usually a filler that is placed too superficially (too close to the surface of the skin).

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